Arcevia Jazz Feast

16 years of jazz without borders!

Foto: Giuseppe Pende - Arcevia Jazz Film

A well-established tradition of improvised music in the city of Arcevia, a profound experience, fruit of the dialogue between teachers, participants, the municipal government and the people of Arcevia, which translates into an endless array of content and attention.



The summer workshops 

Music and entertainment for everyone, of any age, be you a professional, a beginner or are just curious. A week-long full immersion of classes and workshops. Here is the 2013 schedule sum up:

  • 20 h of instrument technique 
  • 14 h ensamble class
  • 12 h Big Band
  • 6 h improvisation technique
  • ½ h harmony
  • 5 h ear training
  • 4 ½ h rhythmic lab
  • 7 h vocal lab
  • 12 h masterclasses and other labs (read more)
followed by concerts and jam sessions late into the night, with professional teachers and great musicians that share passion and research in music and teaching. (read more)


International AjF14 and scholarships

Scott Hall @ Arcevia Jazz Feast 2014Three great news! With us this year Scott Hall, Coordinator of Jazz Studies and Senior Lecturer at the Columbia College of Chicago, who will bring with him two scholarships; second new collaboration, with the association Operazione Arcevia, that will give the chance to get a grant (up to 4 participants) to take part to the artistic residence Operazione Arcevia 2.0 in September; third one, the breaking-new Brasilian Music Course with professor Guilherme Ribeiro  from Souza Lima Conservatoire, São Paulo, Brasil! 

Furthermore, also this year, thanks to Mike Rossi's presence in our summer seminars, two scholarship for the South African College of Music will be granted.


Food, accommodation and a jewel town

Arcevia, panorama dal borgo

The Park Hotel Arcevia and the numerous cottages, camping facilities and guest houses in the area will accommodate students enrolled in the seminars comfortably and at absolutely unbeatable prices. 

The workshop is equipped with a fabulous indoor kitchen, reserved for members, teachers and staff, which offers daily meals, delicious and cheap, with good wine and often organic local products. Also, to satisfy even the most demanding palates, delicious pizzerias and restaurants can be found in the area.

The city of Arcevia is friendly, charming and surrounded by nature. It is small and everything is close, so cars are unnecessary. It is an ideal location for art, with music every evening, echibitions of artists of the Ar[t]cevia International Art Festival, in a cool and ventilated climate.